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Snap your style with ‘Snapback’

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In some of western countries, ‘Snapback’ has been one of new trendy items since last couple of years ago. However, when Korean celebrities like Lee Hyo-Ri, Girl’s Generation, and G-Dragon started introducing Snapback throughout their street fashion styles and on air, it eventually became such a big hit in Korea fashion.



What is ‘SNAPBACK’ ?

There are two different types of snapback (I am pretty sure you are all familiar with these two). As the picture below, one is that a cap has buttons to adjust the size on the back. It is just like a baseball cap you can find on your wardrobe.


Another one may look similar to the previous but it has a flat peak. This one is common known snapback style in general. Typically in Korea, it has been categorized as ‘Fashion hat’ in most of online shopping malls or street stores.



At a glance, people, often, recognize hip-hop dancers or celebrities only wear snapback. In comparison to typical baseball cap, due to its colors and patterns are various and colorful, it used to be outstanding item and was – kind of – restricted to celebrities or fashion people.



HOWEVER, not only celebs and fashionistas, but many of people who are into fashion, nowadays, also enjoy wearing snapback. Other than any fashion items, it suits with casual and sporty styles very well and is effective to avoid of plain and dull look.




If you want to add sportier feature on your lively and cute look, wearing snapback will definitely help you. Don’t think too much about what to wear with snapback! Beyond printed T-shirts and denim shirts, even dress shirt (or casual suit) suits snapback. See the below!



As you can see above, from casual hoodies to dressy suits, there are broader ranges of style that you can match with snapbacks. Even for men, snapback is a great item to match with various look.



Snapback is the item that you can also express and show yourself onto it. In other words, you would be able to exaggerate the snapback as you wish! You can add more studs, patches, buttons and anything you want! Literally anything!



While wearing it, try to avoid straighten hair. It would not look bad but, personally, I think-waved hairstyle or roughly tied hair will look so much better and cuter.



If you have long hair like Rihanna, then use your hair iron to make thick curves (or waves) so let it look more natural but not boring. It is like you use the hair as one of your fashion items. It is not difficult to become a fashionista! Enjoy wearing new interesting items that you like and mold your expression onto your outfits.

     For last couple of years, many of K-POP celebs have been frequently using the airport. Due to its popularity all over the world, they have been traveling to not only Asia but Europe and America for concerts and such while propagating Korean trend also called Korean Wave (Hallyu) as culture ambassadors. You know, wherever those celebs are going, you can find some people wandering around celebs with the cameras on their hands. ‘Paparazzi.’  As they are always craving for celebs’ every move, they even follow the celebs all the way to the airport. That is why our K-POP stars don’t walk around the airport in dull and boring outfits. So we call it ‘Airport Fashion’ which let us look at K-POP stars casual and various styles out of the stage. Let’s look closer at various styles what K-POP stars brought up.


1. Girl’s Generation


Since there are 9 members in SNSD, their fashion sense and style are also all varied from elegant style of Yoona to manish vintage look of Jessica. Unlike kill heels they used to wear on the stage, they seem to prefer wearing wedge heels, hill boots, or converse sneakers which present casual ambience. Not only their not-over-the-top style, but natural make up also seem to say ‘I am a girl.’



Jessica’s love, mono tone and field jacket

The style Jessica wore in her previous airtport fashion is obviously not what girls want to wear to look pretty. But, it does not mean she did not dress up well. While she matches her favorite items well, her styl`es look comfortable for traveling also. What it means, she completed her styles both in respects of fashion and practicality. Wearing a field jacket with running shoes (or sneakers) manages manish look and revives the chicness. 



2. Sistar

If SNSD was adorned in femnine and sophisticated look, Sistar brought cuteness and their own unique styles. As sexy but sometimes cute, they molds Sistar’s image onto their fashion sense in one while wearing high heels with skinny jeans or manish hip-hop style. Very interesting ambience.


Unlike SNSD style above, Sistar seems to prefer cute and lively style (or ambience). You can see they more like to put see-through jacket or vivid color that give brighter and vivacious ambience. Avoid dark color and tone but keep yourself in vivid color, knit material, and veiled look according to the seasonal trend!



3. G-Drangon

Expectably, it was G-Dragon! Even at the airport, he got all the attentions from the media and people around throughout his particular fashion sense. On his overall outfit, he lightly completes the look with couple of accessories as a final touch.


As G-Dragon in love with outters (of course, fashion in general), he always has been trying some items not only hard to pull off but also drastic colors. It can be easily just standing out but adding cap or panama style hat makes entire outfit extraordinary and builds his own style.


His own unique layered look. Along with casual ambience in converse sneakers, he layered in black and white with serpent pattern jacket. It does not look too fancy but sophisticated enough. Definitely this is one of his look showing his strong attitude.


The item that you cannot neglect for airport fashion, sunglasses

If you read or look at articles and picures about airport fashion, there is an essential item that has never been neglected. Yes! Sunglasses! Especially, for this S/S season, sunglasses would be more popular than before. Not only with luxury brand items, but also with unique designs in low cost, you can follow the seasonal trend.

mgz 1

In general for Korean male celebs, they prefer LANVIN, RAYBAN, and TOMFORD while ESCADA and VEDI VERO for female celebs. VEDI VERO style, especially, in thin frame with big lenses is very chic but sophisticated and many of Korean celebs are looking for VEDI VERO items. Recently in Korea, one of local brands, GENTLE MOSTER, has become a hot issue with its own unique style among fashion people. See couple of products from GENTLE MONSTER below.


Its clip-on style can make both glass and shades looks when you sort vintage ambience from the frames and clip but not too much stand-out. Very unique taste. Upon a natural and casual look, take few minutes to complete the look with suitable eyewear for the best airport fashion.



Lee HyoRi just came back to us!

Among those Korean celebrities, Lee HyoRi has bee well known as a sexy icon and a fashionista for last many years. This unpredictable lady whom many of girls enthusiastically crazy for (believe it or not, Korean girls are crazier about her than boys, although she is hot) came back to us with new song called ‘Miss Korea.’




” I used to be the sweetest girl ever…til I found out being the baddest girl was better.”

– Who I am by. K’LA

     Just before I watched the teaser and cover photos for her new album, the lyrics from the song ‘Who I am’ by K’LA crossed my mind. I do not think she ever has been a sweet girl but always fabulously sexy and showed great attitude as a modern woman. In feelings of  mature sexiness like Beyonce and sweetness like Wonder girls, I welcome this attractive sexy queen.





On Her new title song, Miss Korea, she sings about confidence and pride as a Korean woman. Lately, an article with a photo of 2013 Miss Korea contestants which was mocking the cloned looks among them was a hot potato on Facebook. Whether she intended or not, her lyrics and music video may seem criticizing not only the beauty pageant but it is also mocking the modern Korean women.





You can hear the lyrics ‘I am a Miss Korea, 세상에서 제일 멋진 걸이야. 누구나 알면 놀랄 일이야(I am a Miss Korea/I am the most amazing girl/Anyone would be surprised).’ Although this seems looking at those modern Korean women sticking only with western civilization and pretentious attitude in social criticism and sarcasm, would she want to deliver the message that they should be more proud of themselves as they are Korean?

Believe it or not, more Korean woman admire Lee Hyori than guys. Interesting but how so? Perphaps, it is not only because of her confidence and attitude, but also her natural fashion style.

Depending on the occasionas, she always has been bringing up her own – but, appropriate – fashion sense that stimulates Korean women. Oh well, frankly speaking, it is different from too much self-conscious and excessive styles of most celebrities.



Even if she is wearing an aged rug, I am pretty sure she can pull it off! She definitely knows what to match and how to limit her items. In a respect of fine arts, you may need to have focal points as there is also in fashion.


Her attitude and personality are even molded one in her look. Very chic, modern and sophisticated. I saw her at 2013 Seoul Fashion Week (photo in left) last March and she was smashing! Even on her street fashion, you can feel her powerful ambience.



 Look at those photos from fashion magazine photo shoot. Feminine but she obviously is pulling off trendy and sophisticated ambience among those dresses. Very New York!


Very envious but admires how much she can manage the ambience and mood just by whatever she is wearing. She is something. There is her magic which makes fashionable issues throughout her accessories, shades and even socks.

She is the confidence of what Korean girls are eagerly chasing.




  TK Kim Thehallyu.com fashion blogger

 TK was born and raised in South Korea but his 7 years of experience in America and England set him apart from many of the people he grew up with. Although he started out in science, his passion for fashion led him to study women’s fashion design at London College of Fashion. He plans to continue his studies in Europe again in the near future. TK also worked as a stylist for a few Korean film productions such as ‘Marry the Mafia 4‘ and ‘Chubby Revolution‘. He also had the honor of being English-Korean interpreter for the one and only Lady Gaga.

Fashion, art and travel are his life motivation.

Contact TK:

 Email: ktg0402@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tk.c.kim


These days, SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, That Winter, The Wind Blows is running amidst rising popularity. Along with the popularity the drama is gaining, the style of the heroin – Song Hye-kyo – is stirring up much interest. Song Hye-kyo, who is portraying a visually impaired heiress to a giant conglomerate in the drama (her character’s name is Oh Young), is showing natural and pure make-up. Would it be because it is different from Gangnam style(?) make-up which is so gorgeous and luxurious that has been easily seen through recent dramas, thus it brings a new fresh sensation? @_@ The audience couldn’t help but stay still with eyes wide open fixed on Song Hye-kyo’s face when they so the close up shot of her face. The tips for her in-drama make-up is as follows: her base make-up is almost transparent like naked face and her eye make-up is focusing on making clear and brazen eyes with a deep gaze. What stands out most is her lip make-up; her nudy and neige beige color awakens Oh Young’s purity and innocence in the drama and gains great popularity among girls. Today, let us find out more about today’s beloved beige-colored products!

송혜교 화면 캡처 이미지

송혜교 화면 캡처 이미지 2




1) Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick (Beige Chiffon Color)

The lipstick wraps your lips slick like a piece of silk covers your lips’ surface; this finishes your lips clear and delicate. The beige color with soft and polished impression is the most wanted. As Song Hye-kyo is the spokesmodel for Laneige and she wears this lipstick in the drama, some stores are already running low on stock.

라네즈 실크 인텐스 립스틱



2) Banila Co. kiss Collector Color Fix Glaze SPF 13 (GBE 108-Pinkish Beige)

This is the high moisturizing glossy lipstick with crystal-like transparent sheen to cover your lips with fine luster. You are reassured as it covers your lips softly and protects them from UVs.



3) Nature Republic Botanical Lipstick (N°9 Calming Coral)

The chamomile extract hydrates your lips and finishes them sleek. The gentle price of KRW6,600 is eye-catching!

네이처 리퍼블릭

4) Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick (N° Apricot Blossoms)

Just one touch and the color develop so clearly. Lightly pat the product in the center of your lips to use it like a delicate tint. It creamy texture with colored micro-powders gets close the surface of your lips.


 ’Seopyeonje’ – The Southerners’ Songs

Overcame spring, summer, fall and winter

After bodily coped with all agonies from life

Unravel the sorrow as forgiveness and achieve the greatness of sound.



     For many of foreigners may be unfamiliar with Korean traditional music. Especially, ‘Pansori’ and ‘Changgeuk’ would be the genres that even Korean cannot experience often. Although I have a great interest in music, I haven’t actually learned about Korean music much. My mother, who is such ostentatious and art-loving person, booked ‘Seopyeonje’ at the National Theatre of Korea for us. Thus, I took this amazing opportunity not only to experience whole new genre of music but also to enjoy my civilizing life.

 2 4

  What’s Pansori?

     Pansori is one of Korean traditional music genres performed by a Singer and a drummer also known as Sorikkun (a singer) and Gosu (a drummer). The term, Pasori, is originated from Pan (meaing ‘a place where many people gather’), and sori (meaning ‘sound’)

What’s Changgeuk?

     Changgeuk is a traditional Korean opera performed as a play with Pansori. It can be also called Korean Pansori Opera. Normally, At a Changgeuk, 20 to 30 actors are playing while there are 30 to 50 people in orchestra.

 Listen to two of the songs, ‘The Prison Song’ and ‘The Voice Road’ from Seopyeonje http://youtu.be/lmVIdDrl_p8


It is actually originated from the novel, Seopyeonje written by CheongJun Lee in 1976. Based on his novel, the movie director, Im Kwon Taek, also well known for the movie, Chihwaseon, filmed it as a musical drama in 1993. The film was originally expected to only draw limited interest, and was released on only one screen in Seoul back then. At the height of its popularity, it was shown on only three screens at once in the entire city of over 10 million. Nevertheless it ended up breaking box-office record and became the first Korean film to draw over a million viewers in Seoul alone. (Wikipedia.com)

After the decades of its famous title, the master of Korean musical and the director, Yoon Ho-Jin, recreated it in Changgeuk version.

  Here is the story of Seopyeonje

     This extremely melodramatic story of travelling musicians, Yu-Bong, Song-Hwa, and Dong-Ho is set in the 1950s after the Korean War in South of Korea where is home of the traditional art of Pansori singing.

“A boy, Dong-Ho believes the stepfather, Yu-Bong, caused his mother’s death beyond meaningless traveling to master Pansori and cannot live with the murderous hatred he feels towards him, so he disappears, leaving Yu-Bong and half-sister, Song-Hwa to travel and perform alone. After his leave, Yu-Bong believed Song-Hwa’s art can become elevated to the highest standard only by sensory deprivation, so he blinded his daughter Thereafter, she becomes a legendary performer throughout the land.” 


Song-Hwa played by three different singers in order to express the maturity and time flow of her passage as an artist.

  Melodramatic story of becoming a mater of sound

When I have heard Changgeuk, I thought it would be boring before I met this show. However, the freshness of this new experience completely changed my thought after facing the fact that the director, Yoon Ho-Jin, not only adds modernism but it makes more like musical style which blow a lot of impression. Besides, the music directed by one of my favorite cross-over musicians, Ryo Kunihiko also known as Yang Bang-Un in Korea, was just flawlessly amazing. More than I can explain.

 Watch the short video clip of the behind-story http://youtu.be/Cj5MHeZUWrk

3 6 7

      There were other effects impressed me, Stage set-up and background. In the respect of showing time flow and story development, it displayed 4 seasons change throughout the 3D stage and a projector in which spatial and visual expression were well harmonized. Just like I am being told the story in flashback…



Changgeuk seemed like musical

Definitely, it was not as splendid as the western musical. Slightly different. Nevertheless, it certainly had unique taste of Korea, simple and soft, but there is inexplicable depth of arts underneath. Especially, those slender dance movements  by The National Dance Company of Korea sensuously delivered sorrow, love, hatred, and happiness.


blogfiles6.naver blogfiles13.naver blogfiles16.naver

     Whether you are a foreigner or Korean as long as you love performing arts, you would have cried and laughed with this Changgeuk as a molded one. As there were two English subtitle screens on each side of the stage, even foreigners could have enjoyed and understood the dialogue and lyrics. It may be difficult to entirely understand the story culturally for foreigners but you would give ‘Thumbs-up‘ in artistic aspect.

     UNESCO proclaimed the Pansori tradition a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003. Of course, we should give a big applause for other arts and traditions, but as a Korean and for those who love Korea, we also must do love and care of Korean tradition and arts that the world recognizes its value.

Let The Spring Come to Season Trend

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Thought the wind delivers some warmth, but we are all bundled up with bunch of clothes still. Even if it has been blanketed snow and coldness in Seoul, we cannot neglect approaching spring. So girls, let’s talk about how spring will be molded in our fashion. If you are reading this, reveal in the fact that you will confidently welcome the spring with being fashionable.



photo1 (2)

     From Paris to New York fashion week, they already showed 2013 S/S collections with flounce, over suit, color trend and so on. However, collections and trends are all varied in each country. For those who love K-fashion, let’s look at Korean ready-to-wear trends for this spring season.

* Remember 4 things follow; flower pattern, lace and veiled look, black and white, and emerald green *


1. Bloom the flowers in your garments.

Blow the freshness into dry fashion style from autumn and winter!


Let’s fascinate spring in wearing flower patterns with full of femininity and vivid colors. They may be seen cheesy and unsophisticated, but we can bring the retro style onto our looks!


 If I were a girl, I would emphasize more retro style touch with adding denim shirts or trench coats. It definitely will look stylish but natural.


 Looking too light? Then lower the tones of your apparels. You can coordinate classy and chic mood.





2. Suavity or Sexy?

See-through look is very bold and you may need to be brave enough to wear it. How about veiled look in lace and chiffon? It is a bit similar to the see-through but it does not drastically show your skin underneath.

photo315 If you select garments in lace or chiffon materials, you would be able to make veiled look after all. It can be sexy and cute. In general, black tone is chic and gives very strong attitude while white or pastel tones is more like mild and cute.



 Of course, if you prefer more of casual looks, then you can still coordinate it not too dressy.



3. Must-be-in fashion, black and white

If you are a fashionista, you probably would have or enjoy black-and-white look – well, there may be someone doesn’t like it. But, black for gorgeous spring sunshine? It may be little dark, but as long as you coordinate with appropriate materials and tone, you can always express lighter feeling.


  Do you want to avoid of classic black-and-white look? Let’s mix those two colors – stripe or cross stripe pattern!





4. Just like the color of jade

Vivid colors and monotones are the trends for this season.


color scheme

 Among those vivid colors, green will be the HOT color. Green is such standing-out color that you can appeal fashionable feeling even with one tone.

photo3 - google image

 For varied styles of your look, give some variation in tones. It will stunningly look a lot different!


     Korea has been suffering from long and awful winter. It seems spring finally approach to us but it is still cold in Seoul. Spring this year may be shorter ever before but we should enjoy our fashion trend and the weather as fabulously as we can. Quality over quantity.

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

TKpicsmall    TK Kim Thehallyu.com fashion blogger

    TK was born and raised in South Korea but his 7 years of experience in America and England set him apart from many of the people he grew up with. Although he started out in science, his passion for fashion led him to study women’s fashion design at London College of Fashion. He plans to continue his studies in Europe again in the near future. TK also worked as a stylist for a few Korean film productions such as ‘Marry the Mafia 4‘ and ‘Chubby Revolution‘. He also had the honor of being English-Korean interpreter for the one and only Lady Gaga.

Fashion, art and travel are his life motivation.

Contact TK: 

Email: ktg0402@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tk.c.kim

This extra cold winter is now leaving. We are now waiting impatiently for the pretty spring, yet we often have to receive an unwelcome guest during the in-between seasons. Yes, it’s your dead skin cells! However, the dead skin cells not only and simply bad things; they protect your skin exposed to outside environment from damages. This layer of dead skin cells called stratum corneum naturally die out in the course of time. In the meanwhile, when there is a residue of dead skin cells, it is very important to take care of them regularly. If you apply moisturizers to nourish your skin without removing old dead cells, the products cannot be absorbed deep inside the skin and this residue on skin surface may clog your pores to make skin troubles. So keep your eyes wide open to our exfoliating & peeling products brought to you today if you have already experienced skin troubles (excessive sebum, acnes and blackheads) every in-between season! :)


In fact, the time when we tortured ourselves by scrubbing the face giving all our strength is gone. Now the market is presenting various effective and mild products that allow peeling our skin at the same time they protect our useful stratum corneum. Here are the good and relatively cheap products which are the best to fight our old dead skin cells.


1)  Innisfree Green Barley Powder Wash

Eco-friendly organic Jeju Green Barley helps your clean cleansing: Peeling + Cleansing 2 in 1 Powder Wash.

2)  SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask

Black sugar ingredients effectively remove the old dead cells and finish the skin hydrated. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and coarse granules shall be melted to form a texture without irritation so that you can make circular motions over your face.

3)  Primera Facial Mild Peeling

This gel type peeling product which rolls down softly along the skin adheres to wastes and dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin and gently remove them. It doesn’t leave your skin too much tightened; your skin surface is silky, your skin texture is soft and your skin tone is clearer.

4)  Missha Super Aqua Peeling Gel

It is a gommage type peeling gel whose cellulose ingredients adheres to dead cells to remove them. Its excellent purifying effect is proven by elimination of wastes from your skin which is stressed by harmful environment agents.

Seoul Fashion Week Day 2

– Koreans’ fascinating street fashion : Style


In IFC Mall and Blue Square


I was able to see many of girls wearing in their own styles rather than sticking with trends. They don’t really stand out but you can definitely see how interesting fashion taste they have! Let’s explore what they offer you to see!

DSC_0693 copy


red bag

DSC_0843 copy



Seoul Fashion Week Day. 5 : 2013 FW Collection

pushBUTTON by. Seunggun Park


At IFC Mall

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

pushBUTTON by Seunggun Park has delightfully represented its 2013 FW collection at IFC mall during the fashion week. Under the inspiration of ‘Fashion People’, it shows very understated and wearable items, but still are enough to be chic and modern. Among deep green and burgundy color, he embodies his concept of classic and retro style in his own style that well combined.

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

The Hallyu








The Hallyu

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

The Hallyu

The Hallyu


The Hallyu Blog Contributor, John Mutter

      John Mutter is a digital artist, photographer, and composer originally from Vancouver, Canada, but often living in Seoul and Paris. He is not only passionate about fashion and music, but arts in general. He is currently living in Seoul, South Korea. You can see more of his works via www.johnmutter.com, johnmutter.tumblr.com, and johnmutter on instagram.